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Self Service VR Driving Simulator

Safe! Green! Fun!

Improve your driving skills by sitting in the real car and driving on real world 3D streets.

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Types of Simulations

Road network is based on real city. It is even possible to drive real exam driving route.

Driving mistakes are announced immediately. For example – excess speed, no entry sign, using turning indicators, crossing in red light, wrong turning from one way road, stop and give way signs and other rules.

Our Simulators

You are in real car with the same ergonomics and control mechanisms and you can drive in virtual routes.

You can both drive with manual or automatic gearbox.

Driver’s seat has built in vibration pad that simulate bumps on the road and other physical forces that driver feels in real car.

Sense of speed is simulated by the airflow. The faster you drive, the faster wind blows towards the driver.


Money Saving

Driving in our VR driving simulator is cheaper compared to real car driving lessons.

Better for Environment

We are using 20+ year old car and make it like new. We don’t need petrol to run it. Less cars on real streets and less polluted air.

Drive when you want

You don’t need to wait any more when driving instructor will have free time. Chose data and time online and drive when it is convenient for you.

Calm Virtual Instructor

Our VR instructor is neutral, he does not have good or bad mood. You will be able to learn in your own pace without extra worries.

Suitable for different skill level

VR simulator can be used for very basic training and also for advanced training for already experienced drivers.

Safe and without stress

You chose how difficult and intensive training you want. Our VR simulator can be used even by kids😊(under parent’s supervision).



Yes, VR glasses can be put on top of your optical glasses.

Sure. In Scandinavia up to 50% of practical driving lessons are done in car simulators already. That is effective, safe and economical way how to obtain basic driving skills. VR car simulator help to prepare, before you start to drive with human instructor.

No. In VR simulation you learn basic skills or repeat exercises that are not going well in real driving lessons. In VR driving simulator you can learn how to act in dangerous situations. In any case human instructor should be your primary source of information regarding safe driving.

Around 5% from all participants, by using VR headset for long time can get dizzy. It is like some people get sick when onboard on the sea ship or in the real car. To minimize the risk, do not do fast movements with head during the VR simulation and break gently when possible.

It is recommended to us VR headsets starting from age of 13, but our car ergonomics allow to start to drive even 10 year old kids. In this case parent’s supervision is mandatory.

It is not like real car but it is very close to that. You are sitting in real car cockpit with real steering wheel, pedals, turning indicators and shifter. You turn your head and you see all the mirrors. You are driving in real city road network. You are obeying the same traffic rules as in real life. On bumpy road the seat vibrates and you feel the speed with the airflow. This simulator is one of the most realistic one you can get.

About us

We are developing the simulation software ourselves in European Union and using custom made or standardized hardware parts to create this unique self service VR simulator. We use VR headsets instead of flat screens, that gives unforgettable realism feeling when driving in simulator. Simulator needs minimum maintenance and is controlled remotely.

Our simulator can be placed in public events, shopping malls or any other public or private places. We are open to cooperate with driving schools and other interested parties.

More about our company: VR Centrs SIA

Contacts:, tel: +371 29169595

Prices EUR


*Discont 90% when simulator is in test mode

**Discount code can be obtained from your driving school or if you write to and submit us some document that proves you are driving school student.

  • You can buy the simulator or get it for free and istead share revenu for each driving lesson
  • Adding new languages – 3 days to implement
  • Adding new cities – 2 month to implement
  • Adding new junctions – 1 day to implement
  • Creating traffic situations – any type of situation both in VR or on flat screen
  • Random traffic or scenario based traffic systems


Our Locations

Currently the service is avaliable in European Union but we are ready to consider operations outside EU as well.